About Us

Lux-Travel is the one stop solution for independent travelers in Canada. Our purpose is to make independent travel very easy. We help travelers make the most out of their travel experience and give them the opportunity to make their own schedules, choose the route they want to do and let them stay for as long as they want in each destination. Lux-Travel’s objective is to remove language barriers and the bureaucracy of developing countries by acting as an office where travelers can easily contact us, speak English, make hotel bookings, changes to hotel bookings, get information on available hotels, departure points, book vacations easily and get information about each destination. We are like a living guidebook, and respond to the real time necessities of the clients. With our help the traveler will make sure to spend more time traveling, and less time arranging and figuring out their vacation. We are expert travelers in Canada, and we love what we do!!

Why Book With Us

Our Approaches

Lux-Travel relies on guides and travel leaders who have been born and brought up in your chosen destination, so they’re sure to offer insights and ideas that most people in the external world don’t know about. Let’s face it. Would you rely on yourself or Google when it comes to discovering a new restaurant in the neighborhood!